Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday.....

Has it been the longest week ever? OK, maybe not, but I am so dang tired. I think the radiation has finally and officially kicked my butt. Only 5 more left, and the last 5 are not my entire chest, just along the scar. I can't wait to be done, and healed up. Radiation wasn't a breeze for me as some people have said. I have purple peeling skin, and it ain't pretty. Of course I have to have 33 treatments. Had I only needed 20, it might be a different story, but every case is different.

Can you believe it's been a YEAR? For one very long year, I have been getting cancer treatments of some form or other. September 30, 2009 was my first chemo. And my last radiation treatment will be September 24, 2010.

I won't know what to do with myself when I don't have to go to the doctors for a month... how weird will that be?

So, now for my PSA... please, please, please, feel your boobies and get a mammogram. If, God forbid, you find anything, it would be sooner than I did and your treatments could be quicker and less invasive. Also, I recently heard that you should get a baseline mammogram at age 35, then you don't need to get another one until 40. If you have that baseline to compare - it will be of great value to you and your doctor.

Other tell tell signs are unexplained tiredness. As I look back, I recall saying things like "I am so tired, I just can't get enough rest." This was back in March, just think if I'd have gotten a mammogram then? Maybe it would have been stage zero with just a few cells to remove.

So, listen to your body. If you have an inkling that something is wrong, get it checked, waiting is the worst.

skunky line2

OK, now for pretty stuff... had to get the ugly stuff out of the way first.

I used this MME paper, Quite Contrary, love the fun bright colors. For the top part, I was wishing I had some of that American Crafts flower ribbon, the stuff that Elizabeth Karcher designed, but, alas I haven't been able to find any of it anywhere, so instead I grabbed some tissue paper and crumpled it up a bit and sewed it to this little piece of polka dot paper.

stylin' 3

Here's the whole shebang.... (isn't that a funny word? Shebang... one of those words that just looks weird when typed out.)

Stylin' 1-sm

And, of course I used my beloved Making Memories Slice for the butterflies.

stylin' 2

I hope for my birthday I get a Michaels gift card because I want to buy a new Slice cartridge.

Take care, and have a fab weekend!!!


Marfa said...

Have a great birthday, Chris!!! I hope your husband reads your blog. Love that green patterned paper you used on that layout.
Thank God for an amazing year. You are a strong and inspirational person. Hope.

Jingle said...

Your page is wonderful! I hope you get your birthday wish, too! LOL! I am so excited that you are almost done with your treatments! You are fabulous!!!

Casey Wright said...

Beautiful Layout! Congrats on your treatments - you are almost finished :) Have a lovely weekend :)

Christie said...

Love your layout. You are so clever to use that tissue like that. So cute! And just so you know, I did get my first mammogram last December because of you. You did make a difference in my life even if we don't know each other "irl". You take care and I am so happy to hear that this road is almost done for you. Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Jan said...

Fantastic layout, Chris! love the crepe paper!
So sorry you aren't feeling great, just think though, 5 more and you're done! You are a strong and amazing lady! Have a great weekend!

Cindy Gay said...

I love the color scheme, the title alphas, the gathered (crepe?) paper and of course the photo of the girls. I'll be glad when your treatments are done too and you are on the mend!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy for almost being done!! I love love love loveeeeeeeeee that lo!! That tissue paper is GENIUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

PattiM said...

Love your lo, Chris!!! So glad your almost finished with chemo. Hope you have a great birthday and get everything you dream of.


{Pattie's passion}

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

Marie said...

Happy Birthday and I hope you get your wish!
I remember the tiredness of rads - it was only April when I finished but it seems like so long ago now. You will see that these next 5 treatments will go very fast and then you'll forget the daily grind of it all.
Me? I'm onto reconstruction now. Had my tissue expander surgery last Thursday.
Happily life goes on....

Deanna said...

Great layout - love the way you used the tissue paper. Almost done with those treatments - counting down and keeping you in my thoughts!

Andrea Amu said...

Very cute page, Chris! Love that beautiful ruffle of tissue paper!

What joy it must be that you are about to soon wrap up these chemo treatments! What a long year for you, I'm sure... but what a blessing that you are winning the battle!