Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally Friday.....

And I can totally relate!

This week I worked a full week, outside of my home, in an office environment... and while I enjoy the design, I hate the part where you are waiting for copy or edits or whatever, because there is nothing to do... and when this happens at home with a project, I can happily do household stuff or run errands.

AND, it's totally eating into my bloggy and scrappy time. Hurrrumpf!

LOL! However, I did get a paycheck, so I might have to go to Mike's or J's or somewhere and get something fun to play with.

I did do a layout last Friday... it was OK, then on Sunday I looked at it and thought that it definitely needed something, so I added the felt embellishments, and there ya go... looked much better.

This is about my youngest getting his first pair of contacts. Now you can see his super long eyelashes! It's always the boys who get the pretty eyelashes... keeps the mascara companies in business I guess.


When he was a baby all people ever commented on were his long eyelashes.

Here's a close up. On the tags I put down a Tim Holtz gear mask and then sprayed with Glimmer Mists. I used a green and a brown... I think the brown was called coffee... being a lover of coffee, I just had to buy that shade of brown! (too bad it didn't smell like coffee, that would be cool... hey Tattered Angels, I have an idea....)


Well, that's it for today. I'm off to the salt mines. The cool part about today is, I'm leaving at 2 to meet with a client. If she gives me enough work (hi Karen!) then I won't have to dig for salt. hee hee!

Have a great weekend, hope you can get creative!!

P.S. Dear blogger, I hate your limited choice of colors now... blech...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been???

At work!

I had an assignment to work on site. I prefer working out of my house, in the comfort of my pajama's... but this was too good to pass up. It was for a big supermarket chain in Pittsburgh and I was helping out with some projects. The one artist is having some health issues, so while he was out, I came in and worked.

It was kinda fun. I did a double page spread ad for Table magazine, edits on some menu boards and a fish sale campaign.

I got to dress up, and wear high heels.

On the third day, my knees were killing me!

I switched to flats after that! Hadn't been in heels (aside from meetings, weddings and church) for a while, and definitely not for 8+ hours a day!!

Here's a layout I'd like to share. I did this last Friday. (so much for my 2 layouts a week, but I am doing one a week!)

This was for a class challenge on Two Peas in a Bucket, you were to use up those sticker borders. I cut them up and stuck them down, then I added some tape. I had some cool pink tape from Joscie, and I also used some cute American Girl tape. The paper is My Minds Eye, called telephone, I believe.


Couple of close ups:

laugh cu 1

laugh cu 2 

laugh cu 3 

This is my new favorite layout. Maybe because it is so colorful, maybe it's the memory of the day, or maybe cause it was so fun to make!

All my work is done... time to get my scrap on!

Go on, close this window... go, get your paper & get your scrap on, too!! ;P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zoom Zoom

Technically, I did this layout last week, but I kept adding things to it. (I'm still on track for 2 layouts a week!!) The last thing was the key. I cut it out yesterday on the Silhouette then stickled it with silver stickles. It's so shiny!!

Zoom Zoom 1

And a few close ups:
Zoom Zoom 3

The very shiny key! The use of elastic around the zoom zoom. The rubberband/elastic was part of my challenge for an online crop we're doing.

Zoom Zoom 4

A homemade flower, made out of fabric from an old shirt. I ripped it, twisted it and made the flower and the leaves. Then I sprayed it with TA Glimmer Mists. The beads are earring beads.

Zoom Zoom 2

And here is the cutest little car from Creative Charms! I added 2 Creative Charms Clear Gradient Gems for the headlights.

By the way, if you sign up to follow Creative Charms blog, there is a prize involved. Check it out.

I have another layout up my sleeve. I tell you, I really think I work better with deadlines. When I have too much time, I'm such the procrastinator! Seriously!

On another note, my printer would not work... I spent most of yesterday and a few hours today reinstalling the software about 5 times... only to find out that my husbands computer was not sharing with me. We're on a network. OMGosh, what a pain. I went into his system preferences (we're both on macs) and clicked on printer sharing, and wala, it showed up in my list. Thank goodness. I really was getting frustrated!!

Now I can print my pictures for my next layout, which I am going to scraplift from Lizzy K. I love her style.

Happy Scrappin'!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In With the New

A new layout, that is.

A clean scrap room is very inspiring. AND, I even cleaned up after I was done. Usually I'm too tired (or maybe too lazy!) to clean up. My old routine was to clean up before I scrapped, because I had left a mess from the previous project. Bad habit. Now I'm going to try to put stuff away after I'm done with a project.

So far so good! ;)

Here's what I did. I used Coredinations embossed cardstock, with circles on it. I sanded off the circles above the title, to make it look like bubbles... kinda sorta...

CH_fun in the sun 1

The other paper is all Bella Boulevard that I won from Two Peas in a Bucket last spring... finally getting around to using it.

Couple of close ups:
CH_fun in the sun 2

The Creative Charms velvet flower in the most yummy color of brown, it's so pretty it deserves to be called something other than brown, maybe mushroom or gravy! LOL! Everything is better with gravy.

CH_fun in the sun 3

Hard to tell in this shot, but I used blue glimmer mist on the word paper. I also painted. This little layout had a lot of little techniques.

My goal is to try to do 2 layouts per week, so I can have 200 by the end of the year. 200 sounds like a lot, but 2 a week sounds doable, don't ya think?

Happy creating!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out with the Old

I decided to be ruthless in my scrap room. There was just too much stuff. Overwhelmingly so. I think it inhibited my creativity. Plus the guilt of using new stuff when I had old stuff... if you are a scrapper, you know what I'm talking about.

So, out with the old stuff!


As I was sorting thru my scrappy supplies, if I didn't love it, it went. I would look at things and think, well, so and so gave this to me... but it's not my style... you know, you've had those moments, your great aunt gave you that ugly candy dish, and you hate it but can't bear to give it away... you know what I said to myself?

I am not obligated to keep anything.

And so it went into the trash or this box:
box o junk

I am going to take all of this and donate it to the middle school where they have a scrapbook club. At least it will get used.

Here is the before picture of my scrap room... pretty bad. I think I had everything out! eek!
scraproom before

This was part way thru the cleaning process.

And, a few hours later... ahhhhhh....
scraproom after

My desk was so clean, it just begged to be used. I made a paper layout last night. I'll share that later, once I take a picture of it.

How's your New Year going so far? Out with the old???