Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm Back!!!

My assignment working out of the house is complete. I've learned a few things about this experience:
  1. I do not like driving long distances to go to work
  2. I do not like working in a cube
  3. I do not like dressing up everyday
  4. or wearing a girdle (ha ha!!)
  5. I do not like office politics
And, some things I will miss:
  1. The people, they were pretty creative, it was fun being surrounded by creative people
  2. Shopping at lunch!
  3. The steady pay
  4. The variety of projects, I really do enjoy being a designer
  5. The free samples! Working for a big grocery store chain there was always plenty of free food left over from photoshoots and also taste testing.
Here is my favorite things that I designed, it's a double page ad for Table Magazine:
MD Cook Ad 1

That was done when I was working for the Market District side of Giant Eagle. Market District is a very upscale grocery store, kinda like Wholefoods, but way bigger, and with more stuff, plus cooking classes and celebrities go there. Martha Stewart was there late last year, and a lot of the chef's from the Food Network go there. Pretty cool.

Here are a couple pieces I did for the Giant Eagle side:
GE seafood AD 1

This is a direct mail piece that will go out. I hope I get one, so I have a "real" sample.
GE Farm Ad 1

This last one is a small ad for a little booklet for a Farm to Table event being held at the end of March. It was for both sides, Giant Eagle and Market District.

It was a fun couple of weeks, but I'm glad to be back working from home, in my PJs!! Plus, GE said that they'll give me a call when they get overwhelmed again, and I could work from home, which would be great, because that's really what I like to do!! I've been doing it for 10 years, so I'm kinda spoiled with the staying home part!

We had quite the exciting weekend, my son decided to stand on an exercise ball and a desk, apparently looking for something on top of the shelf... Matt sits on an exercise ball while he's working... well, Ethan lost his balance and grabbed onto an Ikea Effectiv wall cabinet, and it came right off the wall, and smashed his finger.... all the stuff on the top came crashing down on his head. We were all watching a movie in the family room when we heard the big crash. We ran in to to see what had happened...Ethan was pulling himself up and there was blood all over Matt's desk, which totally freaked me out. I ran and got a kitchen towel, and Matt wrapped his finger in it. We calmed him down and asked if he was hurt and he said his head hurt... so I put ice on it... actually, I grabbed a bag of corn... I don't know why... I sat him on the leather chair in the family room, because being a mom and practical, I didn't want blood on our light colored sofa. ;)

The bag of corn was open, and falling all over the place, which was kind comical after the fact. I switched out the corn for an ice pack. We took him to the ER. I was more concerned with his head, than the finger, but thought he might need a stitch or 2, since there was quite a bit of blood. We got to the ER around 10 (this all happened about 9:30)... Ethan got Xrayed, and patched up. The doctor said he didn't have any signs of a concussion, so he was OK, and no need for a CT. His goose eggs went down, he had 4 total. His finger is broken at the very tip, the tiny little bone on top. Not much you can do with it, so they splinted it up and put gauze on it. We need to make a follow up visit with our regular doctor.

Ethan was quite excited when he found out his finger was broken... that's 2 broken bones so far.

Seriously, he is such a boy!!


Debbie Gaydos said...

I'm glad to hear that he's doing ok and all is well! I hope he's learned that neither exercise balls nor desks make for good stepstools, lol!! The ad work looks GREAT!! I will think of you the next time I get anything from GE... "I wonder if Chris did this??" :)

Lisa Dorsey said...

WOW, you DID have an exciting weekend! Glad your little guy is OK.

LOVE all those pages you did. So very cool.

Whippet said...

Very nice work! I know what you mean about working outside of the home...after 25+ years, I can seriously do without the politics! I'm glad Ethan is okay, despite the broken finger and goose eggs:-)

Raechelle said...

so glad to hear that Ethan was not seriously hurt... how frightening. Fantastic ads! Congrats! :)

Teka Cochonneau said...

Love the ads. Completely understand the preference of working from home...

That is so cool that you are married to quisp65 on iStock... I uploaded vectors there for awhile under the name razberry. It really is a small world huh?

Erica Hettwer said...

Great ads! You are good at what you do! :)

Glad to hear he's not really seriously hurt and that he's more pleased about a broken bone than scared. Boys!

Jocelyn said...

Love the ads and love the list!!! So very true!!!

Oh my you did have a weekend....So glad that Ethan is OK....War wounds and all!!!

Have a great week sweet friend!!!

Pattie said...

I get the Giant Eagle ads - now I'll wonder which ones you worked on. :)

I also work at home, and I understand about hating the office politics. I prefer my little home office, even if it *is* in the basement!

Glad to hear your son wasn't hurt worse! I've got one of those adventurous boys, too! :)

Marfa said...

How did you get such a cool font as the title of your blog posts? I love it.

I bet you're glad to be home...driving (with the price of gas) and going to work isn't worth it if you don't live relatively nearby. Do you really wear a girdle? Or pantyhose with a tight upper section?

Your table magazine layout is awesome...I love the swirls!

Sorry to hear about your son and his standing on the exercise ball incident...good to hear he took it all well and was excited he broke a finger! Thank God that's all it was...

Becky said...

So glad your son is okay! Leave it to a boy to be excited about a broken bone! :) What a cool job you have! Loved seeing your samples!!

Cindy Gay said...

I'm impressed. I shop at Giant Eagle every Friday and will be sure and look for your work! Great job!

Glad there weren't any fish on that Ikea shelf!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeee your work!!! And glad to hear he is okay!! What a scare though! :):):):):):):):):)

Tracy said...

Congrats to Ethan on his second broken bone ;)

Sounds scary, but the corn put me over the edge, teehee.

Hope tonight is a better night for your family.

joscelyne cutchens said...

i love your work, of course. and ETHAN! oh my gosh. glad he's okay, that is so scary!

joscelyne cutchens said...

oh. and we always use corn for our injuries. but the bag is always sealed. ;)

ellen s. said...

those are so coooooool!

oh gosh..broken finger???? poor little man

post bankruptcy filing said...

Great ads....You are vero good at your work.I was scared to hear that Ethan got injured.Just take care of him!!!!

Duke Nukem Forevera said...

The results are spunky, if unnecessary: Why bother with Sly and Jeff Beck's remake of "(I Want to Take You) Higher".