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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weekend Gamer

Do you have one of these guys in your house?


This is my 12 year old playing a video game on Xbox live.

In my journaling I wrote about how when I was his age, or a bit younger, what we looked forward to were Saturday morning cartoons. Now there are entire channels dedicated only to cartoons. The kids don't have to wait until Saturday.

At our house, during the school week, he doesn't get a chance to play many video games, so it's his weekend thing.

Here's a close-up:

I used Cosmo Cricket paper on this. The swirly thing under the title is a piece that I cut from the KI Memories scribbles word. I just wanted to use the tail part.

Did I mention that I haven't bought any new paper since November? Not one new paper line. I really have a ton of paper, and even with all these layouts that I've been cranking out... I haven't even put a dent in my stash! I wonder how long I could go without buying any patterned paper? One, two, three years? Three might be a stretch, but one for sure!

How about you? How long could you scrap if you didn't buy new paper?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Last Week Recap

I had a super busy week last week. I did my normal design work, plus I had 2 photoshoots. It was fun. My shoot on Wednesday was super long, and far away. Half way through Ethan's school nurse called, he was running a high fever. I told her I was an hour and a half away and by the time I got there his bus would be there... so I called my brother and luckily he wasn't doing anything so he was able to pick him up.

I don't talk about my brother much. You probably didn't even know I had one. Yep, he's my "little" brother, but he's bigger than me. He's an artist, too, but he's a tattoo artist. He's actually very good. He's always offering to give me free tats, but I always say no. There isn't any picture that I love that much to permanently put on my body. I mean, what if I get sick of it? I can't wash it off. (I can't even decide what quote I want to put on my scrap room wall!) He, on the other had, probably has 100. He is his own canvas...and a walking advertisement, too. If anyone asks him who did his tat, he can say "I did".

Here's a layout I did for a challenge.


It has some sewing and some mists, and this new mist that I totally love and used half a bottle of already! It's Tsukineko Sheer Shimmer Spritz in Sparkle.  It sprays out so well, no splats. And when it dries, it leaves the perfect sheen. I also have Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Pearl, and it looks very similar, but doesn't spray as well. The only downside to the Tsukineko is the bottle is very tiny.


The sparkle mist is on here, but it doesn't photograph well, but trust me, it's awesome!

I sprayed it on the tag, too:


You can kind of see it there.

I just have to share the baby picture that I took. I did that shoot for the hospital, it's for the maternity department, when Karen sprung it on me that I was taking shots of babies.  I was totally unprepared, but the photos came out pretty good.

Here's a favorite. She's so A-dorable!

sadie 1 

Seriously, what a doll!

So, tell me, do you have a tattoo???

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bumby Hump Day

It's Wednesday, in case you weren't aware, or maybe you haven't found a decent 2011 calendar yet! ;)

Humor, R-R... remember Mork from Orc?? I was in 7th grade, and it was a huge hit. Everyone came back from Christmas vacation with Mork rainbow suspenders, including me. The "kids" at work were talking about it, and this one girl says "I wasn't even born yet"... I felt old.

Anyway, here is the bumpy part of my post. My son has allergies. 3 major ones, dairy, eggs and peanuts. He also is allergic to cats and wheat, but he can eat wheat now. (He doesn't particularly care for the taste of cats! R-R, more earth humor!!)

Prior to knowing that he had all these allergies, I was nursing him and eating everything that he shouldn't have. As a result, the poor little guy had horrible acne. I know that infants have infantile acne, but usually after the first month it goes away. Ethan was over 2 months old yet he still had it. I asked the doctors but they just brushed it off.

One evening, I decided to give him some formula. I had some free samples from the hospital. I mixed it up, and gave him one ounce. Just one. He got super hot. His belly broke out in splotches. I knew (as mothers know) that something was seriously wrong. The next day I took him to the pediatricians office. Our regular doctor wasn't in, but Dr. Maroon was there. He thought that maybe I should stop drinking milk. That maybe Ethan was allergic to dairy. Also to make an appointment with the allergist. I made an appointment, which was a week away, and during that time I tried really hard to give up milk. It was really hard. I found a formula that he could have (Nutramigen). After his test results came back, we found what he was allergic to. Thankfully, he could have soy. He went on a soy formula, and I went back on my regular diet.

I also had him tested for peas, and he wasn't allergic to them then, but, he is now. His lips will swell up like balloons. If you think about it, the pea is a legume and a peanut is a legume, and they're related. No peas or peanuts for him.

I've been wanting to document this story along with these photos of my poor baby. He looks like a teenager with severe acne.

I titled it We Did Not Know...


Here are a couple of close ups:


In this one, you can really see his poor skin.

I'm glad I documented this. Ethan hates having allergies. Thankfully at 12, he is outgrowing some of them. He can have egg if it's baked in something like a cake, but if it's mixed in Chinese noodles or soup, he gets very ill (we found out the hard way). He's OK with wheat now and milk isn't too bad any longer. He can't drink a glass of it, but he can have small amounts of cheese and he loves Rediwhip. Peanuts are usually a life long allergy that people do not grow out of, he cannot eat those, ever. They cause anaphylactic shock.

I did another layout this past weekend, I'll post that on Friday. It's a very cute photo of Ethan. I need to show you how cute he turned out after his face cleared up!! ;)

Have a great hump day!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally Friday.....

And I can totally relate!

This week I worked a full week, outside of my home, in an office environment... and while I enjoy the design, I hate the part where you are waiting for copy or edits or whatever, because there is nothing to do... and when this happens at home with a project, I can happily do household stuff or run errands.

AND, it's totally eating into my bloggy and scrappy time. Hurrrumpf!

LOL! However, I did get a paycheck, so I might have to go to Mike's or J's or somewhere and get something fun to play with.

I did do a layout last Friday... it was OK, then on Sunday I looked at it and thought that it definitely needed something, so I added the felt embellishments, and there ya go... looked much better.

This is about my youngest getting his first pair of contacts. Now you can see his super long eyelashes! It's always the boys who get the pretty eyelashes... keeps the mascara companies in business I guess.


When he was a baby all people ever commented on were his long eyelashes.

Here's a close up. On the tags I put down a Tim Holtz gear mask and then sprayed with Glimmer Mists. I used a green and a brown... I think the brown was called coffee... being a lover of coffee, I just had to buy that shade of brown! (too bad it didn't smell like coffee, that would be cool... hey Tattered Angels, I have an idea....)


Well, that's it for today. I'm off to the salt mines. The cool part about today is, I'm leaving at 2 to meet with a client. If she gives me enough work (hi Karen!) then I won't have to dig for salt. hee hee!

Have a great weekend, hope you can get creative!!

P.S. Dear blogger, I hate your limited choice of colors now... blech...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been???

At work!

I had an assignment to work on site. I prefer working out of my house, in the comfort of my pajama's... but this was too good to pass up. It was for a big supermarket chain in Pittsburgh and I was helping out with some projects. The one artist is having some health issues, so while he was out, I came in and worked.

It was kinda fun. I did a double page spread ad for Table magazine, edits on some menu boards and a fish sale campaign.

I got to dress up, and wear high heels.

On the third day, my knees were killing me!

I switched to flats after that! Hadn't been in heels (aside from meetings, weddings and church) for a while, and definitely not for 8+ hours a day!!

Here's a layout I'd like to share. I did this last Friday. (so much for my 2 layouts a week, but I am doing one a week!)

This was for a class challenge on Two Peas in a Bucket, you were to use up those sticker borders. I cut them up and stuck them down, then I added some tape. I had some cool pink tape from Joscie, and I also used some cute American Girl tape. The paper is My Minds Eye, called telephone, I believe.


Couple of close ups:

laugh cu 1

laugh cu 2 

laugh cu 3 

This is my new favorite layout. Maybe because it is so colorful, maybe it's the memory of the day, or maybe cause it was so fun to make!

All my work is done... time to get my scrap on!

Go on, close this window... go, get your paper & get your scrap on, too!! ;P

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas & New Digi layouts!

First of all:

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. If you don't celebrate, then I hope you had a great weekend!

Today we spent the day at my father in laws house. My husbands sister, her husband and son were there. They live in Virginia, so we only see them a few times a year. We all met at Church Brew Works for lunch. I had a really tasty dunkel! After lunch we went back to Matt's dad's house and we played cards and visited. Then we ordered pizza and visited some more. It was a nice day.

I had them all over for Christmas dinner, which was fun, but exhausting. On Sunday I pretty much did nothing... well, that's not entirely true... I made a ham, broccoli and cheese quiche, then I did 2 digi layouts.

Here they are:
Christmas Eve

This is for my stint as guest digi designer at Two Peas in a Bucket. The layout was done using Reindeer Games kit, by Besty Tuma. Very cute kit. I really loved the alpha that comes with it, although I didn't use it in this layout.

This second layout I used Funtastic Boy kit, by Edeline Marta. I used pictures of Ethan when he was about 5 and still had some chubby cheeks. So cute!

An Artist

That's about it for me. Did you all have a nice holiday??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Peas Designer Spotlight

I have my name in lights... hee hee... well, a spotlight, anyhoo.

I'm so excited to be featured today on Two Peas in a Bucket as a Guest Designer.

2 peas spotlight

Yep, I used an old photo, 'cause I don't like my short hair.

Here is the layout that I did for the feature:
my flow
(digi kit Track of My Life)

I did a screen capture on my computer of my iTunes cover flow. It's pretty easy to do, and even if you are strictly a paper scrapper, this would be a fun layout to do and look back on.

I also did 2 layouts showcasing new digi products. The first one is from a kit called Date It by Jen Martakis (love her stuff!!).

a day to remember

The second kit I got to work with, is called Merry Little Christmas. It was a fun digi kit to work with.

deck the halls

I love both digital and paper scrapping... but you know what's cool about digi? The background paper on this layout was just a tad too light for my liking, so I darkened it up and made it a darker cream color.

Now, I don't think that I could ever have done that so quickly and neatly with a piece of paper cardstock!!

There's also a challenge with my post, so read it if you get a chance, and maybe join in to win a Two Peas in a Bucket gift certificate.

I hope you all are about ready for the holidays. Try to take a day to step back and enjoy all the hard work you put into the baking, cooking, shopping!! and decorating!

As you can see by the last layout, I put up 3 trees!! I'm so blessed and happy to be here for this Christmas and to be able to enjoy it this year. Last year I was sick with chemo... I truly don't remember much.

I intend to enjoy this Christmas with as much gusto as I can muster!!

I challenge you to do the same!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Daily & a Layout

I had fun this past weekend crafting away! I had 2 cans of Krylon crackle spray paint, the crackle and the base, that I had gotten at Michaels on clearance for 99¢ a can. While having a Harry Potter fest on Saturday, I’d run down to the basement and spray another coat on.

Sunday, I decorated up the cover, here’s how it turned out:

Couple of closeups:
DD cov CU

The crackle:
DD cov Crackle

I tried to get a medium crackle, but it sort of turned out smallish. It's still cool. And was a great surface to work on.

I think I need some baubles or something to hang from the bow. I can always add stuff.

I also did this layout real quick. I used the My Minds Eye Lost & Found papers:
CH Happy Baby sm
CH Happy Baby cu

That’s it for today. I’m going to go work on the inside pages for the December Daily.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Xmas Layout Using My Freebie

It feels like forever and a day since I did a paper layout. I have had this on my desk for a month, and finally over the weekend had some time to play with paper.

I used the SVG freebie cutouts that I provided in the post below on my layout. I love how it turned out.

Here's the layout:
Dec.25th sm

The title really pops, since it's in green. There is some of that green in the striped paper. All the paper is My Minds Eye i Believe Christmas line. It's so adorable! The brads are MME and the cream vintage velvet flower is one of our new colors from Creative Charms. The chipboard snowflake is from 2 years ago, it's DCWV.

Couple of close ups:
Dec.25th cu 3

This is one of the tags on the MME punch out sheets, I added a simple MME brad and some bakers twine in red & white candy cane stripes.

Dec.25th cu 2

Close up of the Creative Charms vintage velvet flower. They come with a pearl, but I thought this big brad really popped.

And last, is the title that I designed and cut out on the Silhouette:

Dec.25th cu 1

I love the drop shadow.

If you do happen to do the cutout, I wouldn't cut out the December much smaller than 4 inches across, my "m" fell away from the "e".

Instead of regular cardstock, I used the Quickutz sticky back stacks. Perfect for titles because they are already sticky.

Today we are (finally) going to go see Harry Potter! I think I'm more excited than my kids. First we are going to have lunch - we're going out for Sushi! Couldn't think of anything more different than the turkey we've had for the past few days.

By the way, I've reorganized my blog and I have a page just for all of my freebies. Rather than trying to scroll through all my posts, you can simply select that button, and they are there for the taking! I also added a handy dandy search feature.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the last few days of fall, because as far as I'm concerned, winter and the Christmas season begin December 1st!!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

What a crazy week. We’ve been going and going. (think Energizer Bunny!)

Sunday: Photoshoot for senior, my dear friend Carol’s son & his girlfriend :)
Monday: Bought a new car :)
Tuesday: MRI & Bone Scan :(
Wednesday: Caught up with work :|
Thursday: Shopped for my dad. I do this since my mom passed away. :)
Friday: Bad day, got a call and I need to get a PET scan, a call like that can really mess up your day mentally. (pray for me that it’s nothing). :(
Saturday: That’s today, and the day is still young. :)

Those were the ups and downs of my week... my PET scan is scheduled for Tuesday. It’s scary, and that’s all I’m going to say about the subject. I’m not going to dwell on it and mess up today or worry, because worry doesn’t do any good, and I can’t change what’s going to be. (sounds good anyway)

Also on Friday, I did this layout... it’s a digi. I used lots of different stuff from different places. The papers are Crystal Wilkersons so are the buttons and ribbon, the Happy Halloween is a freebie from Ali Edwards. The drips are from Laina Lamb also a freebie from 2 Peas. It’s also an SVG file so you could cut it out. I think one of the pieces of tape is from Peppermint Creative.

Happy Halloween

I got the poem here.

My kids, almost 12 & 14, are still going trick or treating. I asked Emma, my oldest, when she was going to stop, and she decided that in 4 more years she will. That puts her at 18, lol, I think she’ll stop before that. I don’t get too many 18 year old trick or treaters. They are just going to paint their faces, which makes the whole costume thing easy on me. Plus, it’s going to be only 50° that evening, so they will have coats on anyway.

We didn’t carve pumpkins yet... I should get one today. I looked thru my photos from last year, and I did not take one Halloween picture. I can’t even remember what the kids dressed up as. Last year was a blur.

Anyhoo.... my very bestest friend Carol asked me to take some pictures of her son for his casual senior shots. It was fun. Good practice for me. I don’t charge anyone when I do this. I don’t feel worthy of pay yet. I did get a lovely handmade card from Carol and she slipped a twenty in there! (bad girl)... I also got some pizza out of the deal!

It was a fun shoot. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

kayla & cal 1

Cute couple, eh?


Used Pioneer Woman’s 70’s action on that one.


I think this one is my favorite!!

kayla & cal 1

Shot this one when they weren’t looking. Ran PW’s vintage action (I believe).

I still need to edit about half of the photos.

That’s about it. I might do a paper layout, I just might! I have an idea in my head.... and the title is “Zoom Zoom”.... that tells you the brand of car I got!

Have a boo-tiful weekend!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday.....

Has it been the longest week ever? OK, maybe not, but I am so dang tired. I think the radiation has finally and officially kicked my butt. Only 5 more left, and the last 5 are not my entire chest, just along the scar. I can't wait to be done, and healed up. Radiation wasn't a breeze for me as some people have said. I have purple peeling skin, and it ain't pretty. Of course I have to have 33 treatments. Had I only needed 20, it might be a different story, but every case is different.

Can you believe it's been a YEAR? For one very long year, I have been getting cancer treatments of some form or other. September 30, 2009 was my first chemo. And my last radiation treatment will be September 24, 2010.

I won't know what to do with myself when I don't have to go to the doctors for a month... how weird will that be?

So, now for my PSA... please, please, please, feel your boobies and get a mammogram. If, God forbid, you find anything, it would be sooner than I did and your treatments could be quicker and less invasive. Also, I recently heard that you should get a baseline mammogram at age 35, then you don't need to get another one until 40. If you have that baseline to compare - it will be of great value to you and your doctor.

Other tell tell signs are unexplained tiredness. As I look back, I recall saying things like "I am so tired, I just can't get enough rest." This was back in March, just think if I'd have gotten a mammogram then? Maybe it would have been stage zero with just a few cells to remove.

So, listen to your body. If you have an inkling that something is wrong, get it checked, waiting is the worst.

skunky line2

OK, now for pretty stuff... had to get the ugly stuff out of the way first.

I used this MME paper, Quite Contrary, love the fun bright colors. For the top part, I was wishing I had some of that American Crafts flower ribbon, the stuff that Elizabeth Karcher designed, but, alas I haven't been able to find any of it anywhere, so instead I grabbed some tissue paper and crumpled it up a bit and sewed it to this little piece of polka dot paper.

stylin' 3

Here's the whole shebang.... (isn't that a funny word? Shebang... one of those words that just looks weird when typed out.)

Stylin' 1-sm

And, of course I used my beloved Making Memories Slice for the butterflies.

stylin' 2

I hope for my birthday I get a Michaels gift card because I want to buy a new Slice cartridge.

Take care, and have a fab weekend!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello Mr. Mojo....

it’s been a while... where have you been? I’m so glad you’re back Mr. Mojo.

Yep, got a visit (finally!) from Mr. Mojo.

Mr. Mojo and I did 3 layouts this past weekend. Here's one of them....

first day

Some October Afternoon yumminess! Perfect for the first day of school.

And a couple of close ups:
first day cu2

Fun Jillibean canvas flower layered with a OA sticker, vintage button and topped off with a Creative Charms jewel.

first day cu1

Here I used some Martha Stewart little flag “thingies” as a base for my title.

first day cu3

And here I have an OA journaling sticker that I used as sort of a frame for these teeny photos.

I’m so excited to share this with you. It’s nice when Mr. Mojo comes a knockin’!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Featured x2

I was featured twice in one week!! With all the yucky stuff going on right now, this is such a nice thing to look forward to.

On Monday, I was featured on Scrapbook Trends blog - Create. (I think I "might" have mentioned this on Monday.)

Today, I have a layout on in their September issue. (big cheesy grin)

Today is also my girl's birthday. Yep, it's official she is 14. Actually, it will be official later tonight at 11:33 PM! Since she isn't big on cake, I made her a chocolate chunk cookie cake. I just hope it cools so I can write Happy Birthday on it before she walks in the door!

For her birthday dinner she picked Chipotle's. (yum!)

Yesterday I took the CK challenge and did a layout in an hour. It's digi, because there is no way I can pull this off with paper in an hour. The whole photographing and fixing it would take at least 15 minutes!

school days

There's a couple things I'd like to do with this, but not bad for an hour.

Take care... 17 rads down, 18 to go.... almost half way through.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I {heart} OBX

I really loved messing around with the shape collage program. You can turn off the drop shadow, you can make circles and letters. When you do a square it puts the watermark in the middle, which is harder to clone off, so I did another heart, and cloned off the watermark from the bottom.

Here's the layout. I kept it simple since there is so much going on in the collage:

You can also change the size, so I made it 300 dpi. I liked the first collage I made better than this one, but I saved that as a jpeg, so it had a white background. It gives you different options each time.

Well, we are off to do some major back to school shopping. Wish me luck!! I hope they have some deals, and since it's Friday, maybe it won't be as crazy as going on a Saturday!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello! I'm updating my blog via a remote location, that I will disclose later! ;)

I'm having a blast, aside from being homesick from my computer! This computer that I'm using is soooo old that I cannot upload my pretty pictures that I have to show you... however, I can show you a sneak peek of what I created for my guest dt for Ally Scraps...

I used Pink Paislee paper. I loved this paper. It's sort of patriotic, but I used it for a masculine layout.

Here is the sneak....

Oh, what the heck... here's another....

Well, we are off to get some lunch and buy some souvenir T-shirts!!!

Have a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

CHA Creative Charms Sneak Peek

Happy Monday!

And, indeed it is! I sure hope it doesn't rain any more! Tonight is my niece's graduation, and if it doesn't rain, it will be held outside, so I can go! I'm going to go early and take some photos of her in her cap and gown. I still can't believe she is graduating! (I'm gettin' old!)

As promised, here is the layout that I did for Creative Charms. It was one of those fun layouts to work on. I love how these flowers turned out... for instructions on creating the flower, hop on over to the Creative Charms blog, I blogged the instructions there!

This pink kit isn't available yet. It is for Breast Cancer Awareness month, in October. When they asked me to do a project for Breast Cancer Awareness, well, you know, I was all over that!


And why YES, I did use my Slice on it!! Love my Slice!!

Isn't my daughter ADORABLE?!? Gosh, she's gonna be 14... I AM gettin' old!

If you are wondering how you can get your hot little hands on some Creative Charms products, check your local scrapbook store, or online. A Cherry On Top and both have their products in stock. I also spotted them on the Life Preserves Kit club website.

Have a creative day!!